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Event Management

Event Management, whether a large-scale undertaking or a simple pitch in a shopping centre, requires excellent communication, organisation and commercial awareness.

Failure in these areas could result in the promotion not returning the investment projected at the inception stage, or, even worse, could result in your brand being irreversibly damaged.

Richard began his career in Events Management while still at university, becoming President of the Students Union and organising everything from Freshers Week to Sports Fixtures.

This diverse range of responsibilities, representing a diverse range of individuals, allowed Richard to gain considerable and valuable Event experience before even completing his degree.

A more unusual type of management was the setting up and running of an event in conjunction with Siemens employees who had recently been told they were being made redundant.

Working and delivering the client proposition towards a group who were generally hostile and sceptical required the ability to react with tact and guile towards a wide range of queries.


Richard has also undertaken a huge range of mainstream Event Management. Examples of this include setting up and operating advertising stands in key locations for international brands such as Becks and Coca-Cola.

Making consumer observations, recording data and creating a direct dialogue with the customer to facilitate product sales and drive brand awareness are critical components of this form of advertising and are all areas in which Richard has vast and varied experience.

Richard is comfortable addressing groups of consumers as oppose to individuals, highlighted by numerous events in which encouraging sales via product demonstrations in retail outlets, on stage or in high foot traffic public areas has been the core focus of the promotion.

An additional area in which Richard has Event Management experience is modelling. Combining skills allowed Richard to promote new fashion ranges on the Catwalk from major brands such as Nike and Fila whilst simultaneously managing the fashion show and interacting with customers.

Richard is happy to take a brief from clients in any form, from a traditional written brief to story boards or mood boards. The flexibility and experience of Richard ensures that your brand will be brought to life and projected in the required manner with assurance and confidence.


Above: So! Roadshows (Bond Street Perfumeries)
Above: 3000 Countdown Edition - Richard Whiteley
Above: Kodak European Gold Awards
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